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SERVIS offers service solutions to enable local communities to host cruise ships. We are in a position to identify unexploited potential for development, in terms of new landing docks as well as in installing electric charging stations and water supply facilities.

SERVIS’ model is transparent, fair, and enables local authorities to manage developments in their area. SERVIS proposes to invest in facilities with a direct interface to cruise ships (water pumps, charging stations, and pontoons), and encourages communities to invest into networks to secure their long-term development interests. Thanks to this model, communities have no operating and maintenance expenses. Everything is handled by SERVIS on a daily basis.

The projects managed by SERVIS are turnkey, transparent and fair.

SERVIS offers the supervision of infrastructure and facility projects from the design of a wharf to everyday flow management, while taking into account a site’s individual environmental conditions, its economic development and the integration of a project into its specific setting.



For managers of port facilities and local authorities, the management of such services often proves itself to be difficult: It requires comprehensive knowledge of all users and entities to be invoiced, and requires the establishment of a standby service capable of being able to intervene immediately in the event of malfunctions (damage, lack of means of access). This represents a constraint that is often difficult to manage.

SERVIS has developed a solution that allows ships to get their supplies through a unique, simple, robust system adapted to the connections of ships.

SERVIS invests, manages and maintains numerous water pumps on the Rhône, Saône and Seine rivers. Several solutions are conceivable :

  • The ships have access to potable water via a prepaid card. SERVIS manages the water prepaid cards;
  • Services are accessible from smart meters. Users simply need to log in from a smartphone after registration. SERVIS ensures the management of these services.


SERVIS provides water supply solutions for cruise ships while simplifying its management for communities.



As SERVIS very quickly understood the necessity to reduce CO2 and pollutant emissions (see "An approach based on sustainable development and the reduction of pollutant emissions"), we support local authorities in installing charging stations from their design over their construction to daily management services.

SERVIS encourages all public and private actors to develop these solutions on a large scale. A particularity of passenger ships is that they spend more time at the dock than in navigation. However, the distribution of charging stations is still limited today. Enabling passenger ships to use charging stations is crucial, as it represents be a powerful accomplishment for the environment. Also, they enhance the acceptance by local residents as they reduce the noise and odour nuisance usually generated when a ship calls a port.
Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the stakeholders of the fluvial world and a network of partners, SERVIS is able to seize the electricity output necessary to supply the ships’ needs.


Presentation of electrical facilities in Rives-en-Seine (76).


The pumps offered are those of the type "Powerlock". All passenger cruise ships are compatible with this supply system.


SERVIS in collaboration with its partners has developed a simplified and efficient electric power service management. Activation and metering are controlled online by so-called smart meters which allow direct invoicing of each customer’s individual consumption. This system was developed in order to offer consistent and easy-to-use services with the aim of generalizing a quayside’s supply of electricity. Each access is connected to a smart meter that may be controlled remotely. The service is based on the use of smart meters remotely controlled by a single energy transaction platform that takes orders, activates energy distribution and accounts for consumption. These smart meters are integrated in electricity switchboards with one meter per connection. The smart meter communicates online via a SIM card with an energy transaction platform.

The user only needs an internet connection, a phone or device capable of sending SMS in order to activate the link after registration with SERVIS.


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Supplying power is a response to the challenges of fruitful cooperation between the cruises’ economic activity and local residents.